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25 MORE Signs You Go To Clark University

Ask and ye' shall receive. Here are 25 MORE signs you go to the undiscovered gem of brick and education in Worcester, Mass.

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1. You've accepted that construction is just a part of your life

And you're just going to have to live with it.

2. Doing this when deciding who's going to call Escort

"But I called last time." "But I ALWAYS call."

3. Secretly looking forward to Joanne Darrigo's "What's Happening" emails

4. Lining up out the door for over a half hour for a Peapod or Shenanigans! show

No matter how cold, wet, hot, or boring it can be.

5. Skipping the gym on the grounds you have a class on the 3rd floor of Jonas Clark

6. Getting called out by friends from other schools for calling Freshman "First Years"

7. You are addicted to Acoustic Java

You are also poor.

8. You know literally everyone's gossip

2,000 students has its perks.

9. Having class in Traina during the winter

Because the place might as well be in mordor.

10. Worcester Winters in general

11. Making friends with cars

And experiencing a whole new world.

12. Feeling an obligation to defend Worcester

13. Hating on Holy Cross and their stupid hill.

... and their stupid fence.

14. But secretly envying their endowment.

15. An influx of nerdy middle aged guys in tweed means there's free coffee nearby.

Well... coffee you can take when no one's looking.

16. Frightened looking parents everywhere means there will be good food in the caf

If you're lucky baked goods and coffee will be everywhere.

17. Trying to tell the difference between odd behavior and a Psych experiment.

18. You've mastered your "sorry no thanks" for getting past the tablers in the UC

19. Watching sports alone because your friends wanted to go to Difficult Dialogs instead

20. Being the friend that wanted to go to Difficult Dialogs instead of watching sports

21. You've never gone to the health center without first complaining how far away it is

22. Never getting tired of the joke "there's an ANGEL in the audience"

23. Never getting tired of David Angel

24. Never getting tired of the beautiful fall foliage

25. Never getting tired of how beautiful Clark looks every season

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