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Are You More Carmen Or Emily?????

Just when you thought we were one and the's a defining quiz that highlights the differences that really count!

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  1. You've partied all night and have to be on a bus in a foreign city by 7 AM the next morning...what do you do?

    Pull your shit together; you're no pansy
    Projectile vomit all over the bus window, yourself, and the people in front of you
  2. What creeps you out the most?

    Josh Groban
    Chewing noises
    Siblings who take couple-y pictures together
    50-yr-old men who ask you out after church
  3. You just used the last of a roll of toilet paper...what do you do?

    Change the roll because you're not a total jackass
    Shrug and hope that your roommate uses the bathroom next
  4. If your friends are annoyed with you, it's usually because:

    You don't understand any of their pop culture references or recognize any of their music choices
    You shed everywhere and they feel like they've practically adopted a dog
    You're late to literally everything and you pretend that they actually find it endearing
    You're constantly asking them where they are, even though you follow them on the Find Friends app
  5. But they can't be mad at you for long because:

    You bring food for them to every group function
    You're willing to listen to them vent about anything
    You text them at least once a day to let them know that you love/miss them
    You create dozens of Facebook events forcing them to hang out with you
  6. You see a cute boy at an event..what do you do?

    Find him on FB, stalk the shit out of him, and then message him to ask him out
    Try your best to forget about it, because feelings are dangerous
  7. What are you most likely to brag about?

    The awesome present you got for your friend for their birthday
    How many items you checked off your to-do list
    How many days it's been since you last showered
    How little sleep you got last night
  8. You're not-so-secretly addicted to:

    The Rocky franchise
    Flamin' hot fries
  9. What sounds the most like something you'd say?

    "Sorry I took so long in the bathroom. I was creeping on my ex-boyfriends."
    "I need another vodka cranberry to protect myself from UTIs."
    "Just found $7 on the ground...God wants me to have Chipotle!"
    "Maturity is super sexy, tbh."
  10. Someone is telling you a story...what do you do?

    Listen intently, give good eye contact, and ask questions about it when they are finished
    Check your phone and interrupt every 30 seconds to ask unrelated questions
  11. You have a big test in 12 hours and haven't started studying yet...what do you do?

    Stay up all night cramming
    Go to bed, if you haven't gotten enough sleep you'll do even worse
  12. Pick a Gallup Strengthsfinder strength that best suits you:


Are You More Carmen Or Emily?????

You got: CARMEN!

You're creative, idealistic, and courageous. You're probably guilty of complaining about your problems on social media (particularly PMS), but you make up for it by making the world a better place, inspiring those around you and giving your time to the causes you're passionate about. Your New Year's resolution should probably be to spend less money at Runza and stop using the word "ass" in every sentence.

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You got: EMILY!

You're thoughtful, hardworking, and sarcastic. You probably dress like a mom and act like one too. We're also willing to bet that you're guilty of screenshotting your friends' ugly snaps. Your New Year's resolution should probably be to fix your horrible time management and pet more dogs.

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