55 Iconic Toys Every ’90s Kid Wanted For Their Birthday

    Let's be real, we're all still kids at heart.

    1. Betty Spaghetty — The outfit options...the hair... Everyone wanted to play with Betty.

    2. Foxtail — Oh, the amount of power you felt whirling this above your head like a dang cowboy with a lasso.

    3. Lite-Brite — For the emerging artist inside of you.

    4. Game Boy Color — The epitome of childhood gaming.

    5. Tamagotchi — You knew your parents trusted you with REAL responsibility when you were gifted one of these.

    6. Giga Pets — If your parents were trying to save $10, you probs got a Giga Pet instead of a Tamagotchi.

    7. Bop It — Twist it, pull it, love it.

    8. Socker Boppers — You were basically Hulk Hogan.

    9. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots — For the kids whose parents thought Socker Boppers were too violent.

    10. Furby — Your first pet you eventually taught how to swear. 😜

    11. Moon Shoes — Your ankles may have been in danger, but damn, did you look and feel cool!

    12. HitClips — You didn't need longer than a minute to jam out with this bad boy.

    13. Mouse Trap — Oh, the satisfaction you felt when you finally caught that lil' bugger!

    14. Doodle Bear — Finally a toy you could destroy with no consequences.

    15. Super Simon — If your parents bought this for you, then you could show them how much of a ~genius~ you were.

    16. Gak Splat — Did Nickelodeon make anything we didn't love? This was a must.

    17. Rainbow Brite — You wanted one in every color.

    18. Poo-Chi — If you got this, then you could prove how ready you were for a real dog.

    19. Polly Pocket — What else could have prepared you for your future?

    20. Slinky — The OG fidget spinner.

    21. Trolls — Do we know why we loved these? No. Do you still want one? Yes.

    22. The Game of Perfection — Some kids just wanna see stuff explode.

    23. Skip It — How many skips could YOU do? This was essentially the OG Fitbit.

    24. Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Barber and Beauty Shop — Prepping a future generation of barbers and hairstylists.

    25. Stretch Armstrong — Did you stretch it until the armpit ripped too?

    26. Super Soaker 50 — No pool party was complete without a Super Soaker showdown.

    27. Koosh Balls — Not as complex as the yo-yo, but just as addicting.

    28. Sky Dancers — Flying fairies quickly turned into all out air warfare.

    29. Magic Mitt — Ripping the ball off was one of the most satisfying sounds of your childhood.

    30. Nintendo 64 — You needed this for your social life to thrive.

    31. Groovy Girls — There were more than just Barbies.

    32. Homies — TBH Fat Boy was your favorite.

    33. Atari Jaguar — Alien vs Predator was ~so intense.~

    34. Brain Warp — Bop It and Brain Warp were BFFs, and you needed them both.

    35. American Girl dolls — You took the best care of your doll.

    36. Slammer Whammers — The coolest Pogs you could collect.

    37. Silly Putty — Break it, bounce it, or squish it, Silly Putty could do anything.

    38. Laser Challenge — Your parents set a time limit on this game, but damn it was fun.

    39. Buzz Lightyear — To infinity and beyond!

    40. Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game — What else did you do at recess?

    41. Spice Girls dolls — You had to have them — they were the Spice Girls.

    42. G.I. Joe — Girls everywhere made G.I. Joes date their Barbie dolls.

    43. Slime — Nickelodeon defining your childhood once again.

    44. Etch A Sketch — It was basically your first computer.

    45. Nerf Blaster — You're still finding foam ammunition at your parents' house.

    46. Water Talkies — You could hardly hear what your friends were saying, but screaming into plastic has never been more lit.

    47. Easy Bake Oven — If your parents bought this for you, then you could learn real life skills.

    48. Vortex Football — No regular football could touch this, and you needed it to prep for tryouts.

    49. A professional yo-yo — Everyone wanted one, but we weren't all destined for yo-yo greatness.

    50. Pokémon Trading Card Game — You always played to win.

    51. Littlest Pet Shop — Your parents better have bought you these tiny babies.

    52. Street Sharks — You needed toys to play with while you watched the TV show, obvi.

    53. Mighty Max — Again, how are you supposed to watch Mighty Max without the toys?!

    54. Sylvanian Families — These are what family values are built on.

    55. And finally, Beanie Babies — How did you exist in the '90s without them?