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55 Iconic Toys Every ’90s Kid Wanted For Their Birthday

Let's be real, we're all still kids at heart.

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8. Socker Boppers — You were basically Hulk Hogan.

Powerful pillowy punches. How did you convince your parents to get this?!


12. HitClips — You didn't need longer than a minute to jam out with this bad boy.

You absolutely needed them for your school bus commute.


16. Gak Splat — Did Nickelodeon make anything we didn't love? This was a must.

You still remember the smell, don't you?


27. Koosh Balls — Not as complex as the yo-yo, but just as addicting.

You just had to have one.


30. Nintendo 64 — You needed this for your social life to thrive.

Mario Kart parties forever.

31. Groovy Girls — There were more than just Barbies.

Groovy Girls had it going on!


33. Atari Jaguar — Alien vs Predator was ~so intense.~

You thanked your parents at least 12 times for this bomb gift.

34. Brain Warp — Bop It and Brain Warp were BFFs, and you needed them both.

Wanna warp again?

35. American Girl dolls — You took the best care of your doll.

So pricey, so worth it. Wanna swap a Samantha book for a Felicity one?

36. Slammer Whammers — The coolest Pogs you could collect.

You were essentially gambling, but it's okay because you turned out just fine!


37. Silly Putty — Break it, bounce it, or squish it, Silly Putty could do anything.

And it kept you occupied for HOURS.

38. Laser Challenge — Your parents set a time limit on this game, but damn it was fun.

Your sleepover parties were off the chain.

40. Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game — What else did you do at recess?

Your parents may have not understood the obsession, but they did understand that you needed them all.


44. Etch A Sketch — It was basically your first computer.

Except you could shake it, and all your mistakes would dissappear.


48. Vortex Football — No regular football could touch this, and you needed it to prep for tryouts.

You were *this close* to making quarterback.


50. Pokémon Trading Card Game — You always played to win.

Everyone still loves Pikachu.

52. Street Sharks — You needed toys to play with while you watched the TV show, obvi.

The sharks are on skates. What more could you have wanted?


53. Mighty Max — Again, how are you supposed to watch Mighty Max without the toys?!

Essentially Polly Pockets for all the Mighty Maxs in your life.