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15 Icebreaking GIFs To Send Your Most Recent Dating App Match

Sixty percent of the time it works...every time.

I don't know about the rest of you, but dating is hard.

Finding the one proves to be a difficult task with every match notification that pops up on your phone.

Luckily, we've amassed a few of our go-to open-liner GIFs to share in hopes that you can find your one in this wild, wild west we call online dating...

1. Jump right in with a classic pun opener.

2. Lead with an equal blend of honesty and self-deprecating humor.

3. Show your match you can apply math to your everyday life.

4. Start out with a general fandom-centric greeting...

5. ...or something a little more specific.

6. Skip the back and forth and go straight for the kill.

7. Communicate your interest while also remaining quirky.

8. Personalize your first message if you match with multiple Marks at a time.

9. Begin the conversation with a compliment.

10. Spark a genuine conversation with a fellow music fan.

11. Show off your knowledge of quotable romance films.

12. Try out a late-night litmus test opening line.

13. Reveal your attraction in the first message.

14. A salutation that says you want to be more than friends.

15. Start out simple and greet your newest match with a wave.

Godspeed on all your dating adventures!

Disclaimer: I'm still single, so there might be a chance these could spark a conversation, but they do not guarantee a romantic connection.