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32 Things That'll Sucker Punch You In The Childhood

Because you can never be reminded enough that the best times are behind you.

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8. Patiently waiting for your monthly subscription from ZooBooks to arrive.

Wildlife Education Ltd. / Via Amazon

Due to an unfortunate clerical error, you received two copies of Wild Horses, and never got the Dolphin edition.

20. The excitement of racing to the library to nab one of these big guys.

Via pickclick.ca

But you couldn't check it out since it was a reference book, so you'd skim quickly for the whole library period.

25. Screaming at someone across a game board rather than through a headset.

Via boardgamegeek.com

The phrase "I'm going to destroy everything you've ever loved" has more power when someone can see the fires of hatred burning in your eyes.

27. Bouncing happily in place while strapped into your moon shoes because walking in them was a bitch.

Via 90s90s90s.com

The greatest pleasure was knocking your friends over to watch them struggle to stand back up in those bad boys.

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