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    Milestones In The Life Of The Potter Head

    From Muggle to magic, how the Harry Potter series transformed a generation.

    From the moment you picked up the first Harry Potter book...

    Life as you knew it was about to change.

    You probably began by realizing that you had been living a very boring Muggle life.

    But don’t worry, because your acceptance letter just got lost in the mail..

    And although you could never catch the Hogwarts Express to a magical boarding school..

    Or go on death-defying adventures with your two wizard friends, and end up saving the wizarding world..

    Reading about it was the next best thing, right?

    But you had to be extra careful, because if you read the book too fast..

    You had to wait in the real world until the next one came out, which was extremely traumatizing.

    So after powering your way through four books, you had become certain that Hogwarts is where you truly belong.

    You probably didn’t think it could get any better than this... But wait, what is that you hear? A Harry Potter movie?

    You tried your best to keep your cool, but it’s hard when you know your about to see your wizarding family on big screen.

    Before long you come to the realization that the people in the wizarding world don’t live forever.

    You find yourself sobbing into the pages of your HP book.

    And seeing it on the big screen wasn’t much easier.

    But you held yourself together as best as you could.

    Just nine years, five movies, and three more books later your wildest dreams came true.

    A Harry Potter theme park!

    But your excitement didn't last for long..

    Because after watching the final movie, you are a mess.

    Your feelings of guilt for not trusting Snape begin to surface..

    You could never prepare yourself enough for the end of the series.

    No one could blame you for going a little mad at first..

    But you didn't have to suffer for long. It was all very hush hush, but you knew what was coming.

    And in no time you where glued to your computer screen, because you deserved to be one of the first to access Pottermore.

    When you finally made your way into the website you couldn’t contain your excitement. You now had your very own wand and you where officially placed into a house.

    There was no denying you were now officially a wizard.

    But it wasn’t long before the hype died down and it felt as if Harry Potter was over for good.


    A Harry Potter spin-off you say? Look out world, You are back!

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