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    How To Remain Friends With A Rival Fanboy Or FanGirl

    Friendship is hard, Fanboy/Fangirl friendships are harder.

    So you've chosen your favourite brand and established yourself as a certified fanboy/girl.

    But you've found out your friend likes a competing device.

    And against all better judgement you decide to try and make it work.

    Here's a few simple steps to remain friends, whilst staying somewhat emotionally unscathed.

    Lets begin with the obvious, refrain from any discussion thats likely to end in turmoil.

    When a discussion indadvertedly arises, just smile and nod.

    ..Or better yet, distract yourself by thinking of something else, anything else.

    Try your very best to remain objective.

    Don't even think of mentioning that friend of a friend of yours, who once had an issue with their device. No matter how helpful you think your being.

    Be supportive of their purchase decision. After all there is only one way they will come to the realisation that their wrong.

    Do not under any circumstances, tell your friend about the excellent review you just read about your favourite device.

    Bottling up your emotions is a recipe for disaster. Ensure that you leave yourself some alone time to sob profusely.

    And don't worry you can always find support on your favourite fanboy forum.

    Or perhaps you could share some of your wisdom in the comment section on Youtube.

    Finally be patient. The day you have been waiting for will soon come along, when they realise they have made a huge mistake.

    And when it does, make sure you are there to offer them some friendly support.

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