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    First Day Job Jitters Are The Worst

    Awkward, embarrassing and down right terrifying. Good luck surviving your first day at work.

    So you've graduated and have spent hours searching through job listings, typing out cover letters and sending mass emails...

    But finally, you have managed to score yourself your first real job. Congratulations!

    At first you may be excited…

    ..or perhaps, even a tad nervous.

    But you keep cool calm and collected because confidence is key.

    You arrive to your first day at work with plenty of time to spare, you have to show that you're reliable after all.

    But as you prepare your mind and begin to walk through the door, that's when you realize... have no idea where to go or what to do.

    So you stand around awkwardly waiting for a sign of where to go next.

    When you finally find your way, you ensure you look as enthusiastic as possible. You wipe the sweat from your palms and prepare to greet your employer.

    But they don't seem so pleased to meet you.

    Nevertheless they show you the ropes, and you try your very best to show them that they have your full attention.

    They make sure you fully understand...

    But the second they leave...

    You somehow manage to bluff your way through the day and it's time to clock out.

    As you say farewell to everyone and make your way home... realize you have to do it all over again tomorrow.

    Good luck!

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