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    These Brave People Have Changed The Meaning Of Bath Time

    Water is boring. Cereal is better.

    So, there's this thing that's been happening on the internet for a while now.

    It involves bathtubs and food.

    Hollywood Is Hard /

    Specifically, people sitting in bathtubs filled with food.

    Totally Wizard /

    And then posting the photos online.

    Yeah, this is a thing.

    A very, very real thing.

    GloZell Green /

    And people are into it.

    Even when it looks seriously unpleasant.

    Miranda Sings /

    And most onlookers are WHY?!

    The answer is: Nobody knows.

    SMPFilms /

    Except this guy.

    But it's been a thing for a while.

    Even though it's weird AF.

    But really:

    Soap and water baths are definitely not as fun as this.

    Ramen bath? Um, yes please.

    So, congratulations, internet.

    Once agan, you've made this a great time to be alive.

    Ted Murphy /