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25 Eating Habits Every College Student Can Relate To

2am pizza is the BEST kind of pizza.

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1. You get to college and realize that you can eat whatever you want. WHENEVER you want.

Maya Rudolph / Via

2. The dining hall food isn't great, but it's UNLIMITED.

SpongeBob / Nickelodeon / Via

3. And your meals there are like 90% soft serve, anyway.

Big Brother / CBS / Via

4. It doesn't take long before you're justifying french fries as a vegetable.

Supernatural / Warner Bros. Television

5. And soon, the walk across campus is your daily exercise regimen.

22 Jump Street / Columbia Pictures / Via

6. Because taking the stairs is the same as going to the gym, right?

7. Plus, almost every club meeting has free food.

Bridesmaids / Universal Pictures / Via

8. And when you're bored in your room, you remember there's peanut butter stored in your desk.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop / Columbia Pictures / Via

9. Actually, you have a lot of snacks stored in your desk.

Home Alone / 20th Century Fox / Via

10. Whenever you're homesick, you eat your feelings.

30 Rock / NBC / Via

11. Whenever something awesome happens, you celebrate.

Real Housewives of Atlanta / True Entertainment / Via

12. And let's be real...There's. So. Much. Alcohol.

The Great Gatsby / Warner Bros. Pictures / Via Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

13. Which leads to drunk pizza. A lot of drunk pizza.

14. And the morning after a night out, greasy breakfast sandwiches are the only thing giving you life.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days / Paramount Pictures / Via

15. But even when you're not drinking, late-night food trips still happen.

Mean Girls / Paramount Pictures / Via

16. And during busy parts of the semester, stress eating gets the better of you.

New Girl / 20th Century Fox Television

17. Like when you choose food over actually being productive.

Seinfeld / Sony Pictures Television


18. Or staying in bed all day, avoiding life.

The Big Bang Theory / Warner Bros. Television / Via

19. You're feeling a little sluggish, so you tell yourself you're going to eat healthy for an entire week. Like for real.

Bradley Cooper / Via

20. So, you try cooking for yourself.

Family Guy / 20th Century Fox Television / Via

21. Which doesn't turn out exactly how you envisioned it.

The Simpsons / 20th Century Fox Television / Via

22. And then the weekend rolls around, so all bets are off.

30 Rock / NBC Universal Telivision / Via

What are vegetables?

23. But these things happen to almost everyone.

Supernatural / Warner Bros. Television / Via

24. And these memories are what make college fun.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo / TLC Authentic Entertainment

25. So just embrace it. Live your life.

Pitch Perfect / Universal Pictures / Via

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