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    Updated on Jan 31, 2019. Posted on Jul 26, 2015

    22 Food Gadgets That Will Make Camping Way More Fun

    Some of these are useful. Some are not. But you'll probably want all of them.

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Hands-Free S'mores Rack

    Charcoal Companion

    Great for people who love the final product, but not the dirty work. Get it here.

    2. Edible Cups

    For anyone concerned about accumulating trash in the woods, these cups are made from plant-based gelatin and they are 100% edible. As for the taste — well, that's for you to find out. Get it here.

    3. "Campfire In A Can"

    If you're unsuccessful summoning your Vulcan fire powers, ditch the sticks and start using this handy propane burner. Get it here.

    4. Camp Stove Toaster

    Can't go a day without your toaster? This gadget will make waking up in the great outdoors much easier. Get it here.

    5. Two-Prong Campfire Roasting Attachment

    These prongs slide onto a stick, so your hands stay far away from dangerously hot metal. Get it here.

    6. Portable Stone Bake Oven

    It ain't cheap. But for any fanatic that can't go a day without fresh pizza, this just might be worth it. Get it here

    7. Folding Wooden Picnic Table / Via

    A glamping essential. Get it here.

    8. Glove Beer Koozie


    Keep the party right at your fingertips. Get it here.

    9. Flashlight Spatula

    This spatula is perfect for a late-night grilling sesh. It can also be used as a regular flashlight, so you won't need to pack an extra. Get it here.

    10. Temperature Controlled Beer Koozie / Via

    The sturdy foam helps to insulate the can and keep your beer from getting hot, and a thermometer will warn you when it's reached lukewarm, time-for-a-new-one temperature. Get it here.

    11. No-Spill Travel Mug

    Perfect for resting your thermos on uneven outdoor surfaces; the "smart grip" bottom helps to stabilize this travel mug. Get it here.

    12. Water Bottle with Storage Pocket

    Keep small valuables by your side with this secure water bottle. Great for when you're hiking away from the campsite. Get it here.

    13. Stacked Container Sets

    Save space and forget the hassle of multiple containers. These stackers store food and other necessities within their sealed, durable walls. Get it here.

    14. Squeeze Water Filter System

    Collect dirty lake water and make it drinkable with this tiny filtration system. Get it here.

    15. The Flatpot

    This is a durable and foldable, stainless steel cooking pot that is made for camping. Get here.

    16. Pocket Vodka Shot

    The party doesn't have to stop just because you can't carry heavy alcohol bottles. Get it here.

    17. BioLite CampStove

    This gadget makes a smokeless campfire that cooks food and boils water, all without fuel. Get it here.

    18. Multifunctional Cooler with Built-In Speakers

    This cooler includes a built-in blender, speaker system, USB charger and so much more. Great for camping, tailgating, or just for the beach. Get it here.

    19. Portable Propane Coffeemaker

    Let's be real, instant coffee tastes like butt. Drink fresh-brewed coffee that tastes like home, even if your somewhere far far away. Get it here.

    20. Portable Kitchen Sink

    Wash dishes in this versatile water-holding sack. Can also be used for laundry or personal bathing. Get it here.

    21. Open Fire Popcorn Maker

    Listen to fresh kernels bounce around in this easy-to-use popcorn maker. Get it here.

    22. Leather Beer Holster

    You may look stupid, but nobody will see you in the woods. Go ahead, drink up. Get it here.