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    23 Gadgets All Lazy People Need In Their Kitchen

    Do less.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Corn Zipper

    This easy-to-use corn "zipper" cuts and collects your kernels with one push. Get it here.

    2. These herb scissors:

    Quickly chop your herbs with these handy, multi-cut scissors. Recipe here.

    3. This pizza-cutting fork:

    If you’re too proper to eat pizza with your hands, but also too lazy to get and knife and a fork, then this is for you! Get it here.

    4. This self-stirring mug:

    Manually stirring... Is that still a thing? Get it here.

    5. This banana slicer:

    Honestly, how were you cutting your bananas before this? Get it here.

    6. This pot and colander combination:

    One pot, less mess. Get it here.

    7. This automatic tea bag lifter:

    Let your tea steep without lifting a finger. Get it here.

    8. This oreo dipping wand:

    Your sticky-free fingers will thank you. Get it here.

    9. This breakfast sandwich maker:

    One gadget means only one thing to clean. Get it here.

    10. This twirling spaghetti fork:

    This fork does everything except lift itself to your mouth. That's your job. Get it here.

    11. This 3-in-1 avocado slicer:

    Pop, lock, and guac it. Get it here.

    12. This egg yolk separator:

    Doubles as a stress ball. Get it here.

    13. This "Roll 'n Pour":

    Heavy lifting just isn't for everyone. Get it here.

    14. This marinade infusing meat tenderizer:

    This tool efficiently tenderizes and marinates your meat at the same time. Get it here.

    15. This microwave omelet cooker:

    For when actual cooking in a pan is just too much effort. Get it here.

    16. This app-controlled scale:

    Take the guesswork out of measuring your ingredients. Get it here.

    17. This motorized ice cream cone:

    The act of licking can be tedious. We understand. Get it here.

    18. This handheld egg cracker:

    Only one hand needed, which means only half the effort used! Get it here.

    19. This batter dispenser:

    No need to use extra utensils and bowls. Get it here.

    20. This cherry pitter:

    Fill a bowl full of cherries then you diiiive in it. Get it here.

    21. This automatic pot stirrer:

    Don't stir the pot. Take a nap instead. Get it here.

    22. This hands-free baggy holder:

    "Look ma, no hands." Get it here.

    23. This popcorn machine that shoots popcorn straight into your mouth:

    As it should be. Get it here.

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