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17 Sweet Treats You Can Make With Animal Cookies

An animal that even vegetarians can nom on.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Coney Island Cheesecake

Take a trip to Coney Island with each cracker-crusted bite. Recipe here.

2. Lucky Rainbow Bark

You'll definitely be lucky to try these. Recipe here.

3. Circus Animal Truffles

For every day you're trufflin'. Recipe here.

4. Circus Animal Cookie Milkshake

This milkshake brings all the cookies to the yard. Recipe here.

5. Circus Animal Cookie Cheesecake

Life's just better after a slice of cheesecake. Recipe here.

6. Chocolate-Covered Animal Cookies

For everyone that needs a lil' chocolate loving. Recipe here.

7. Frosted Animal Muddy Buddies

The tastiest mud you'll ever eat. Recipe here.

8. Animal Cracker-Crusted Lemon Cheesecake

The secret is all in the crust. Recipe here.

9. Cookies 'N Cream Cake Batter Bars

The definition of love at first bite. Recipe here.

10. Circus Animal Cookie Popcorn

A corny treat for a sweet snacker. Recipe here.

11. Circus Animal Cookie Blondies

So good you might not share the rest. Recipe here.

12. Circus Cookie Krispie Treats

Just as fun as the circus, but smells way better. Recipe here.

13. Circus Animal Cookie Dough Truffle Bars

Animal cookies deliciously crushed into each truffle. Recipe here.

14. Frosted Circus Animal Cookie Butter

You butter give this a try. Recipe here.

15. After School Snack Cookies

Animal crackers are deliciously spooned into the batter. Recipe here.

16. Circus Animal Cookie Ice Cream

It's a known fact that ice cream can solve any problem. Recipe here.

17. Animal Cracker Fudge

Go fudge yourself. Recipe here.