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20 Times You Now Know You're A Mom

There's no judgment here, so pour another and enjoy before your baby starts crying. Or your husband needs some, or the laundry needs washing or the dog needs feeding.

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1. Your razors have rusted.

2. You're lucky to one meal a day. Bonus if it's hot.

3. You've at some point bathed in your child's urine.

4. You're not opposed to a morning cocktail.

5. You cry watching commercials.

6. You can function on no sleep.

7. You've never been so excited to grocery shop...alone.

8. You understand this shirt.

9. Your conversations revolve around all things poop.

10. Your schedule revolves around being a milk factory.

11. You're now willing to kill spiders.

12. You've become world's best singer....according to your child.

13. You pump and dump.

14. You are now ambidextrous.

15. You get compliments after washing your hair.

16. You say this never.

17. You're immune to crying.

18. Your definition of a wild night has changed.

19. You feel like you have an extra child name husband.

20. You realize your'e turning into your mother despite all attempts not to.

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