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A Definitive List Of Pixar Movies From Worst To Best

this is it. THE list.

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17)Cars 2

Obviously and by far the worst movie pixar has made. The animation made no great leaps or bounds, the story is subpar. It was clearly a movie made just to help their merchandising which sucks because it means that the storyline as a whole suffered. Cars deserved better.

16)The Good Dinosaur

This one is also so bad BUT it has really phenomenal animation. Every part of this animation is incredible. While the story is weird, the concept of the human being a pet is funny to watch. There's definitely a drug trip in the middle of this movie though which is kind of unsettling and feels out of place.

15)Finding Dory

Finding Dory is sweet. It's beautiful, it has a good voice cast and who doesn't love Ellen. That being said, it's so similar to the first movie, the plot isn't super original overall and it's even kind of referenced in the movie. It does have some great characters though. It's not a bad movie, all the other pixar movies are just better.

14)Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 is just a movie. It has classic moments like introducing us to Jesse and Bullseye which is great. It has Woody's round up, also great. The overall plot though is kind of all over the place, it's definitely still good, and was entertaining at all times, but I wish the main gang had been together for more of it.


Cars. It gets a lot of shit (most of it deserved), and I have some personal beef with it, but it's not a bad movie. It's got a weirdly endearing cast of characters and it's actually a really inspiring story. ALSO, it gave us Cars Land so that's pretty much a win in my book.

12)The Incredibles

Listen, don't roast me for this, but The Incredibles is overhyped. It is definitely a good movie, but I think it gets a lot of hype for just being a standard quality pixar movie. The iconic lines deserve the hype though. "No Capes", "Where is my super suit?" you can't find better lines anywhere else.

11)Finding Nemo

So darn inspiring. But at the same time, kind of scary for a kids movie. Spoiler Alert but there are like two different occasions where this movie tries to fake you out and make you think characters die, and a third character actually does die, so thats kind of a bummer to watch. It's an original idea though, and the musical that came from it is pure genius.


I actually think that this movie made me less scared of rats, so that's a win. Pros: it's so well animated, and a really wild and unique concept that's a lot of fun to watch. Cons: it's such an unreasonable idea that sometimes I just feel ??? and also Collette and Linguini are a weird pairing.

Overall though it's a good movie.


The only Pixar movie with a real human princess??? I love that, and I love her! Merida is strong and independent and doesn't need a man and is just so wild and brave and she's the best. They made a totally new software JUST for her hair which is the coolest thing, Pixar is the best! It's also just a good story about a family and love and it's so sweet.

8)A Bug's Life

This movie is the most underrated thing ever. (not really but kind of) It's really so funny and has such a good and interesting group of characters. The animation clearly has a long way to go but it's still not bad considering. People love to sleep on this movie for some reason, but I do too I guess.


The first couple minutes of this movie do a better storytelling job than every Dreamworks movie combined. Fact. The only bad/weird part of this movie is the weak attempt to add a villain when it honestly didn't seem to need one. Other than that it's great. Ellie is iconic, and the relationship between Carl and Russel is so precious and pure and everything that I stand for. Dug is an actual good version of comedic relief.

6)Monsters University

I love Monsters University. The animation is stunning and the story is pure. It's not actually like a great storyline or anything writing wise, but it's just simple and it's a movie that can be watched over and over without getting bored of it. The backstory of Randall is also one that I loved seeing, yay for prequels.


WALLE has one of the best pixar endings ever. Of all the twist endings, this one is definitely one of the more original. Not even just in regards to the ship autopilot being a jerk, but in the sense that the humans are such a shock when they're first shown. It's one of the few pixar movies that has a kind of political undertone and I really like that about it. Also there isn't any dialogue for the first like 30 minutes and this movie is still able to tell a beautiful story in that time.

4)Toy Story 3

This movie was so emotional. It was perfectly animated and though the storyline made me a little bit irritated (why didn't andy's mom check the bag that clearly must have felt and sounded like toys before putting it on the curb for garbage) it was overall a good one. It showed these toys in a new light and had a lot of development character wise for each of them. Other than the fact that they had to set up the ending though, the scene in Bonnie's room was a little long and felt unnecessary (even though I did like it).

3)Monsters Inc

What a freakin classic.

2) Toy Story

Here it is boys and girls, the one that started it all. Toy Story really is undoubtedly the best Pixar movie to date. It's original, it was an entirely new territory, full length CGI films and Toy Story was a great beginning to this whole big thing. It's a cool story with great voice actors and fun characters and there's a musical about it. The story is so pure and sweet and has a good amount of unforced conflict.

1)Inside Out

This is the only pixar movie that made me cry. Not only does it have a phenomenally talented group of voice actors, its a great story that needs to be talked about. Pixar knows their audience, and this is a great story to be able to show kids. It touches upon the subject of depression in a way that is tasteful and intense and so powerful. Not only that but the whole rest of the story is fun and exciting and it has one of the best scores i've ever heard (thank you Michael Giacchino)

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