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German Floods -- Dresden, Saxony

An American living abroad... Here are some pics about what is happening locally. These pics were not taken by me... I have assembled them from our little corner of the internet.

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View of Dresden

Via http://Elbepegelstand%20Facebook

The top is a view of the city on a normal city day, and the view below is with the river flooded. The river is normally 2 meters, but at this moment it is 8.5 meters and climbing.

This morning

Via http://Elbepegelstand%20Facebook

This is the view from one of the bridges. Those are boats on the left. Where you see those trees, normally people would stroll along the banks. If you look straight ahead, you see another bridge, and notice that the water is hitting just under it.

Großer Garten

Via http://by%20a%20local,on%20the%20Elbepegelstand%20site%20as%20well

This one really makes me sad... this is a favorite spot for people to run, ride bikes, play, and relax, especially on sunny days. Now, it is little more than a lake.


Via http://Elbepegelstand

This eerie photo was taken last night. This is one of the oldest restaurant/guest houses in the city. So many people worked hard to try and protect it from flooding. Sadly, as the next photo shows, they were unsuccessful...

The spirit of the city

Via http://Elbepegelstand

And this is what amazes me most about this city... how hard they work together. Average citizens are coordinating efforts across the city through social media, lending a hand however they can. Whether it is shoveling and stacking sandbags, making sandwiches, or just getting people some water. This city impresses me with its humanity, and its sheer will to get through it together.

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