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10 Reasons Kristoff From Frozen Would Make The Perfect Boyfriend

"Reindeers are better than people"... except Kristoff

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1. A man and his guitar are the dreamiest combo on Earth



2. He's a hugger/family man

I would pay big money to cuddle with Kristoff

3. After Anna wrecks his sled, he still decides to help her

after trying not to help her... but we'll forget about that

4. He doesn't even care that Anna guides him into a pole.

just keeps on going

5. Kristoff would kill for his reindeer, Sven

Which is a total turn on. Look how cute they are!

6. He is STRONG, like in prefect shape strong!


7. He does that whole picks-up-his-girl-and-spins-her-around thing

And we all wish we were Anna right now.

8. He has an emotional side

for ice?

9. Kristoff is genuinely concerned for Anna's safety

yeah you fight them wolves

10. He truly cares for Anna and her feelings

BONUS: Kristoff and Jim Halpert are basically the same person.

Which makes both of them even more prefect.

Which makes both of them even more prefect.

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