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Tips To De-Stress

Had a particularly bad day at work? Exams at school? Had a fall out with a friend? Take a look at some tips to cheer yourself up.

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We all have days where we just can't be bothered, or we've had a bad day just in general. Maybe something devastating has happened, or you just need a pick-me-up. Whatever it is, here are a few suggestions.

Take a hot shower

Showers are generally relaxing anyways, but a hot shower is just the best. A long hot shower will relax all your muscles and ironically, chill you right out. It'll give you time and space to think about things by yourself, and really straighten out that thing that's bumming you out.

Try a bubble bath

Bubbles might not be your things, but if they are, you should totally treat yourself! You might prefer a bath bomb, or bath salts, but whatever works for you, go for it. Maybe stick some music on and sing along if you feel like it. Try wallowing in the water instead of in your feelings!

Have a cry

Sometimes though, wallowing in your feelings for a bit is the best thing for it! I like to stick on a sad film to give myself an excuse to cry. At times, it's good to just get it out completely, even if you're not typically the bawl-your-eyes-out type, it can feel like such a relief once you get everything out your system.


If you're not the bawl-your-eyes-out type, then maybe you're the curl-up-in-a-ball-and-sleep-for-all-eternity type? You might feel guilty about it, but in sleep you can forget for a while and escape your head. If you can't fall asleep right now, then try something else!

Have some you time

This could be with a group of friends - a sleepover or football match or binge watching on Netflix. Maybe you want to paint your nails, try a new make-up trick or hairstyle you found? Play kick-about with a football, or maybe go for a walk? The point is you should do something you enjoy and find pleasure in, whatever that may be.

Light some candles

Turn the lamps off and light up your chosen room with ambient light from either one, a few or an abundance of candles. I can say from experience that it's relaxing - I wouldn't mix scented candles if I were you though, that might give you a headache and ultimately make you feel worse. Maybe teach yourself to meditate? Be careful not to fall asleep with all those candles about.

Read a little

Other than sleep, reading and immersing yourself in another reality is a second way that you can escape your head. You might benefit from a bit of time not thinking about that thing that's put you in a foul mood. Try a romance, or an action film. Something you can really get into and enjoy. Cuddle yourself up in all your blankets, get some pillows and really get comfy.

Vent to a friend

Get it all out! If somebody else knows how you're feeling, they will be able to help you, and suggest other ways that you can de-stress. Sometimes, just knowing somebody is there to listen to you is so reassuring and will make you feel better.

Start a journal

Much like venting to a friend, starting a journal is perfect for getting your emotions out there and onto a page. This is especially helpful when you're by yourself. Disposing of these once you're done with them is also very satisfying - I found three old journals I kept, and I burned them all in a log burner, so I can tell you that this works.

Play an instrument

If you play an instrument, playing for the fun can be calming. Like strumming a guitar hard, or really going for it on the drums. You can physically get out your frustration or upset without hurting anybody.


If you're not a musician, maybe you're sporty? If so, you could try going to the gym, going out for a run or a cycle, or perhaps taking the dog out for a walk. These are obviously not the only sporting options if there are centres near you, such as gyms, that offer classes. There may be cycling clubs near you, or a pool where you can go to work the bad mood out of you.

Get on a video game

I wouldn't recommend thrashing the buttons on your controller, but this option might help you focus on something else for a while.

Watch a film

Much like playing video games, this will help you concentrate on something else, or at least give you reason to cry, depending on the film. The right film might make you laugh or get you hyped up - maybe try binge-watching on Netflix too; we all deserve it sometimes.

Hopefully you're feeling better soon, or maybe you were looking up ways to help cheer a friend up, but whatever it is, stay happy!

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