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    The 15 Most WTF Moments Of The EU Referendum Campaign

    It's been quite a ride.

    1. When Leave and Remain had a real-life battle on the River Thames, and Sir Bob Geldof was there and everything.

    UPDATED WITH THEME TUNE: The state of British politics summed up in a clip of a flotilla face-off

    No seriously, this really happened. It all started when a flotilla of anti-EU craft, helmed by Nigel Farage, gathered at sea and steamed up the Thames. Obviously the pro-EU lot sent their own boat, skippered by ex-Boomtown Rats singer Geldof, to meet them. Water fights ensued.

    2. When an anti-EU campaign announced a pop concert but acts kept dropping out when they found out it was anti-EU. :(

    3. The moment Boris Johnson decided to auction off a cow.

    4. When Victoria Beckham had a massive go at the unofficial Leave campaign.

    5. That time the pro-EU campaign urged young people to talk to their gran and get “votin”.

    6. When Boris Johnson (yes, him again) claimed the EU wouldn't let you sell bananas in bunches of more than three.

    7. When a UKIP candidate turned Pink's "Get the Party Started" into a pro-Brexit anthem.

    8. When Michael Gove said voters had just had enough of experts.

    9. That time Jeremy Corbyn had a deep conversation with Joey Essex about the EU.

    10. When the singer from the 1975 got really angry at David Cameron.

    11. When Boris Johnson carved the figure £350,000,000 into a wall of steel and looked a lot like Batman villain Bane.

    12. When John Barnes went on live TV to contradict Michael Gove and say he was actually for Remain.

    And Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron obviously then responded by performing Barnes' famous rap from "World in Motion":

    A tribute to John Barnes from Team #INtogether. @officialbarnesy #VoteRemain #EUref #Strongerin

    13. That time David Cameron had some proper banter with his old mates Neil Kinnock and Paddy Ashdown.

    14. The moment Boris Johnson (sorry!) started singing in German.

    Facebook: video.php

    He was supposed to be giving a very serious speech about the perils of Britain staying in the EU. But he couldn’t resist singing a few bars of "Ode to Joy”.

    15. When David Cameron was told he'd "fucked every fucking thing up in this country".

    View this video on YouTube

    Yasmin, a Remain voter, didn't hold back at BuzzFeed's live Facebook town hall event. The PM was rather taken aback.