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Here Are The Best Jokes About Nigel Farage's Decision To Un-Resign

He's a man of his word. For three days, anyway.

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You might have heard that Nigel Farage un-resigned today.

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Just three days after standing down as UKIP leader, the party's executive committee persuaded him to withdraw his resignation.

And the internet reacted in glorious style. Here's a gif that perfectly sums up the situation.

This one tells the story pretty well, too.

Farage handing in his letter of resignation. #FarageUnresigns

Some people compared his epic journey to the resurrection of Jesus.

Farage has unresigned. It's the Ukip equivalent of Easter. "On the third day after resigning he shall unresign"

Farage arises from the dead, like a Messiah, to lead Ukip once again.

For others, the comeback prompted memories of Stalin.

I knew this Farage 'resignation' seemed familiar (from Robert Service's history of Russia)

And the Terminator.

Was Nigel Farage trolling us all along? Ukip rejects leader 'resignation' #trolledbyfarage

Oh, and Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

Some people expressed concern that Farage was being forced to remain leader.

Who are they, these people on the UKIP "National Executive Committee", who are keeping poor Nigel Farage a prisoner in high office..?

Then there was this advice.

Nigel Farage's resignation being rejected by UKIP shows he has lost all control of the party. He should stand down immediately.

Others wondered if perhaps Farage had confused the word "resign" with "weekend".

#FarageUnresigns Is it resigning if you finish work on Friday and go back on Monday? Is that not usually just called the weekend....

BREAKING Nigel Farage proves he is a straight-talking, honest politician who keeps his promises by unresigning as Ukip leader after 3 days

UKIPs deputy chairman was applauded for her role during this tricky time.

Congratulations to Suzanne Evans for successfully steering Ukip through a very difficult two days.

She was set to become the party's interim leader before the unresignation.

"Suzanne Evans" will be a politics pub quiz trick question for years, in the same way that "Margaret Beckett" is.

But it wasn't to be. Some people thought it meant a Farage might always be at the helm.

Fortunately Nigel Farage has 4 kids so the Hereditary Line of Ukip leadership can continue uninterrupted until 2065

Jeez. Frank Sinatra had fewer comebacks than Nigel Farage. Anyone would think #UKIP had a shortage of talent.

There was this half-formed joke.

I feel I ought to be working up a gag about Farage sending himself back where he came from. I'm a bit tired, though. You do it.

And a reference to the inventions in Harry Potter which allow dark wizards to gain immortality.

Perhaps this was going a bit far, though.

As I understand it, the fact that Nigel has bobbed straight back up means he's a witch and we must now burn him #FarageUnresigns

It also allowed the SNP to have another go at Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy.

Farage unresigns, incredible! Can you imagine brass neck of someone losing seats, only clinging on to one MP & yet remaining leader....

But the strange turn of events gave some people hope.

#FarageUnresigns This is good news. I'm looking forward to Led Zeppelin un-breaking up and Rik Mayall undying.

Maybe some other former leaders can come back from the dead.

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg are excitedly waiting by their phones for the calls from party HQ. #FarageUnresigns

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