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The Host Of The Leaders' Debate Sure Looks Like A Lot Like Anne Robinson

Has Julie Etchingham been taking style tips from The Weakest Link?

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ITV newsreader Julie Etchingham was presenting the seven-way political leaders' debate.

ITV / Sky News

But it wasn't until she put on her glasses that we started to think she looked a little like someone else.

ITV / Sky News

Yep – she really is the spit of Anne Robinson.

ITV / Sky News

And we weren't the only ones to notice.

Julie Etchingham has put on some Anne Robinson styled glasses to give us that extra Weakest Link feel #leadersdebate

Does anyone else think that #leadersdebate looks like the Weakest Link tonight with Julie Etchingham taking Anne Robinson as her style icon?

Julie Etchingham reminds me so much of Anne Robinson. Half expecting her to turn to Miliband with "you are the Weakest Link, goodnight."

Even this Tory MP agreed.

Am I the only one who thinks that #leadersdebate looks like the Weakest Link set with Julie Etchingham wearing Anne Robinson's glasses

She reminded others of a James Bond villain.

Julie Etchingham's outfit: the lovechild of Anne Robinson and Blofeld, moonlighting as a dentist.

And some people of a spaceship commander.

Nice to see Julie Etchingham in her white Starfleet dress uniform #leadersdebate

But the question on everyone's lips was – would she wink at the camera at the end?

TV cool moment that won't happen no. 56. Julie Etchingham winks at camera at the end in her Anne Robinson costume

ITV / Sky News

Sadly not.

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