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Russell Brand Drops His Anti-Voting Stance To Urge People To Back The Greens In Brighton

The comedian turned revolutionary thinks voters in the seaside seat should support Caroline Lucas.

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Russell Brand has dropped his anti-voting attitude and called for voters to back the Green party in Brighton.

The comedian turned activist endorsed Lucas after interviewing her for his YouTube series, The Trews.

He told Lucas: "People that live in Brighton Pavilion should definitely vote for you." Turning to the camera, he added: "Are you a person that lives in Brighton Pavilion? If you are, you should definitely vote for this person, Caroline Lucas."

This contradicts Brand's previous position that voting is pointless and people shouldn't bother with it. In 2013 he wrote in the New Statesman: "I will never vote and I don't think you should, either."

Lucas is a former Green party leader who was elected as its first MP in 2010 and is fighting for re-election in the Brighton seat. Brand said she and current leader Natalie Bennett were "obviously decent people".

He added: "It's like the opposite of what I imagine it's like to meet David Cameron and what I know it's like to meet Nigel Farage – people who are working for the unelected interests that control this country."

Brand wasn't so kind about Ed Miliband after their interview earlier this week.

He seemed to like the Labour leader but stopped short of endorsing him.
Russell Brand / YouTube

He seemed to like the Labour leader but stopped short of endorsing him.

Miliband received some flak for agreeing to be interviewed by someone who had urged people not to vote.

But the Labour leader said he was trying to reach out to people who weren't interested in the election.

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