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A Tory Minister Asked Twitter Who Vladimir Putin Wants To Run Britain And It Didn't Go Well

Nick Boles was hoping that people might say Ed Miliband. But not many did.

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Tory minister Nick Boles tweeted this as defence secretary Michael Fallon warned this morning of the dangers of Ed Miliband becoming prime minister.

Ask yourself this. Who does Vladimir Putin want to see running Britain after 7th May?

Fallon said a Labour-SNP coalition would weaken Britain's defences and play into the hands of foes like Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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But Boles didn't quite get the answer he was looking for. Some answered the question simply.

@mrjamesob @NickBolesMP Is the answer Vladimir Putin?

Others thought Putin might want to see a celebrity in charge.

@NickBolesMP Olivia Coleman - every one loves her #colemanforPM

Ant and Dec? Everyone loves those guys @NickBolesMP

@mrdavidwhitley @NickBolesMP I heard it's Clare Balding. On horseback. Topless.

These two might be up for it seeing as they're at a loose end.

.@NickBolesMP Silly politics. Although my best guess would be Zayn Malik.

But maybe Putin would prefer an old-schooler in charge.

The Chuckle Brothers? @loveandgarbage @NickBolesMP

Or an animal, perhaps.

@NickBolesMP One of the Blue Peter tortoises

@NickBolesMP Let me guess... A waterskiing elephant?

Or just someone with a silly name.

Amanda Huggankiss? @loveandgarbage @NickBolesMP

No, surely this is who Putin really wants to see running Britain.

Is it Alex Salmond's Solero Lady, @NickBolesMP?

Ed Miliband hit back at Fallon's comments and said he had "demeaned himself and demeaned his office".

He said: "National security is too important to play politics with. I will never compromise our national security, I will never negotiate away our national security."

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