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This Former MP's Terrible Website Cost Taxpayers More Than £2,000

Brian Donohoe's website is...unique.

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You may well remember this unique website. Indeed, who could forget? It's the creation of Brian Donohoe, who was Labour MP for Central Ayrshire until May 2015.

The website rightly has many fans. It even has a spinning Big Ben-style clockface when you whizz the cursor round.

Anyway, BuzzFeed News has finally tracked down how much it cost to design and build. We can reveal taxpayers were billed £2,300 for the site.

The expenses receipt, sent to us by a self-confessed fan of Donohoe's website who wishes to stay anonymous, shows that Creative Touch Films Ltd made the site in 2008.

The website hit the headlines back in 2014 when people started sharing a video message Donohoe made. It's well worth a watch.

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"Explore the site," he says. "Take in the content. Examine it in detail. Come back another day and check it again."


Donohoe, who was an MP for 23 years, told BuzzFeed News on Thursday he believed the website was pretty good value for money, although he admitted his two sons didn't like it much.

"I got 8,500 hits in the first week it went live, mainly from my constituency," he said. "Over the period of the election I got over 80,000 views, which is more than the (number of) constituents."

Emily Ashton is a senior political correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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