Liz Kendall Has Finally Had Enough Of The Twitter Trolls

    "One day, she just thought: 'Bring it on.'"

    Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall hasn't been having an easy time on Twitter this summer.

    She's had to get pretty used to insults like these – and until recently has refused to respond.

    Get off my radio Liz Kendall you Red Tory! Sick of you and your ilk! VOTE CORBYN! #wato 5live

    How the FUCK has Liz Kendall still not withdrawn. She clearly can't win, and is in it for ego, nothing more. Tory cow.

    Liz Kendall is such an arse hole Tory Bitch,your not Labour and you never have been.

    But with just two weeks of campaigning left, Kendall has decided to stay silent no more.

    And she retweeted this comment, which has since been deleted, with the caption "Much nicer..."

    "One day, she just thought: 'Bring it on,'" a source in Kendall's camp told BuzzFeed News.

    Kendall has hit out before at the "vitriolic" online bullying. But it's only in the past few days that she's taken on her critics directly.

    Like when she threw some shade at a Tory MP who joked about voting for her.

    And had a go at The Spectator magazine for an article about whether Labour’s female leadership candidates were attractive enough to be leader of the party.

    Kendall's A+ Twitter game has not gone unnoticed. The Scottish Conservative leader seemed impressed.

    👏👏👏 "@leicesterliz: Shocking ..."

    As did former home secretary Jacqui Smith.

    She's clever, funny and brave. Proud to support her.

    Well played.

    Liz Kendall - Queen of Sass.