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Ken Livingstone Just Had A Massive Row With A Labour MP On Live TV

The former London mayor also kept calling Kevan Jones “Jeremy”, which was all very confusing.

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Ken Livingstone just had a massive bust-up with Labour MP Kevan Jones on Channel 4 News.

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The row kicked off on Wednesday when Livingstone accused Jones, who has suffered with depression, of needing "psychiatric help".

The former London mayor was eventually forced to apologise by party leader Jeremy Corbyn – but only after he ducked repeated chances to say sorry earlier in the day.

Livingstone insisted in the TV interview that Jones, a shadow defence minister, had "provoked" him by questioning his ability to co-chair a party review into defence policy.

And as the row heated up, Livingstone bizarrely referred to Jones as "Jeremy" three times.

Livingstone said Corbyn, a close ally of his for three decades, had called and "reminded me that Jeremy's strategy is that we don't all be offensive and backstabbing and have the rows we did in the past, so I just got on board with that".

He added: "If I've upset anyone I'm really sorry. But this row isn't something I started, it's because I was attacked as not fit for this job. You could just have picked up the phone and asked me... The idea I've no involvement or understanding of the military actions and their consequences is really quite offensive."


Jones said Livingstone's comments had done "huge damage to the debate we had in the UK about mental health".

He added: "The idea that he [Livingstone] came to apologise, no he didn't. I spoke to Jeremy at lunchtime – he rang him and it was only after he rang him that he apologised."

"Jeremy, if I can actually say to you – you provoked this row, you questioned my ability to do this job, why didn't you just pick up the phone to ask me what I knew and understood about it?" Livingstone asked.

As Jones accused him of using "grossly offensive language", Livingstone added: "The reality is, Jeremy, you provoked this row. ... I thought your attack on me was grossly offensive."

Emily Ashton is a senior political correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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