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    Jeremy Corbyn Has Just Been Heckled For Not Saying The Word "Israel"

    "Say the word Israel!"

    Jeremy Corbyn has been heckled at a "Labour Friends of Israel" event for failing to mention the word "Israel" in his speech.

    The moment Jeremy Corbyn was heckled at the Labour Friends of Israel reception

    The new leader made an eight-minute speech to the packed late-night reception at Labour's party conference in Brighton. But he failed to mention Israel by name, instead referring more widely to the Middle East.

    Corbyn's strong support for the Palestine cause has raised serious concerns among pro-Israel MPs and party members. He told the group: "I, as you know, have taken an enormous interest in the affairs of the Middle East for a very long time.

    "I've been nine times on visits, I've visited many places in the region and met many people – some I agree with, some I don't agree with, some ... I have neutral opinions on lots of things."

    That remark was met with coughing and awkward laughter. Later, after he finished his speech, a man shouted loudly from the back: "Oi! Oi! Say the word Israel! Say the word Israel!"

    Labour MP Joan Ryan, chair of the group, intervened to say: "Thank you very much, Jeremy. As leader of our party we are delighted you were here tonight and delighted you were able to address us."

    Laughter at Israel event as Jeremy Corbyn says he has "neutral opinions on lots of things"