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Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett Has Just Been Called "Caroline Lucas" By A Radio 4 Presenter

John Humphrys just can't tell the two apart.

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Radio 4 host John Humphrys accidentally called Natalie Bennett "Caroline Lucas" at the end of an interview on the Today programme.

Bennett is on the right.
Lynne Cameron / PA Wire

Bennett is on the right.

Listen to it here:

"Caroline Lucas... Caroline Lucas!" he said. "Whoa, there's a Freudian slip, isn't it. Natalie Bennett, I do apologise. Natalie Bennett, thank you very much indeed."

Bennett, who has been the leader of the Greens since September 2012, laughed off the mistake. Lucas was party leader between 2008 and 2012.

But some listeners were furious with Humphrys.

Feel like complaining to the BBC after that John Humphreys bit with Natalie Bennett. Patronising/interrupting & called her Caroline Lucas!!

#BBCr4today John Humphrys at it again: belittling Green Natalie Bennett in scandalously biased interview. & called her Csroline Lucas!

Others offered Bennett some advice in case it happens again.

When @BBCr4today John Humphreys thanked Natalie Bennett, calling her 'Caroline Lucas', she shd have said, 'Thank *you*, David Dimbleby'.

And it reminded some of how Ed Miliband has repeatedly been called David, after his brother.

Haha! Caroline whoops Natalie Bennett... #freudianslip up there with David & Ed Miliband @BBCr4today

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