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Everyone Wants To See More Of Jonny Tudor In The Leaders' Debate

Forget the politicians – we want to see more of this chap.

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Let's be honest – the leaders' debate was pretty dull until this guy turned up.

Sky News

His name is Jonny Tudor. Jonny TUDOR. And he asked the first question of the debate.

That suit! That hair! That cut-glass accent!

Viewers were instantly smitten.

Jonny Tudor, you just blew my mind. If I was a leader, I'd insist that we stop the debate and applaud that suit #leadersdebate

Jonny Tudor's suit the highlight so far. #leadersdebate

Jonny Tudor's approval rating #leadersdebate

Others commented on the unimpressed blonde lady to his left.

You said we were going to Nando's Johnny #leadersdebate

But others just couldn't get over his name. Jonny Tudor!

I think little Jonny Tudor's surname goes well with his 17th century accent #leadersdebate

Jonny Tudor?! That's never his real name. #leadersdebate

I knew I'd seen Jonny Tudor somewhere before. He's the kid from Robocop 2 #leadersdebate

Jonny Tudor is immediately third favourite to replace Cameron.

Not quite sure any leader will generate such a reaction on Twitter as that Jonny Tudor lad has #leadersdebate

Sorry, political leaders. You just can't compete with this guy.

Enjoying this pilot of 'Important People Speak to Jonny Tudor' #leadersdebate

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