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Ed Miliband Has Carved His Election Pledges Into An Eight-Foot-High Stone Slab

The monument will stand in either the Downing Street rose garden or Labour's London headquarters if he wins power.

Ed Miliband has commissioned an eight-foot-high stone inscribed with Labour's election pledges that could stand in the Downing Street rose garden if he wins power.

The Labour leader said the monument would be a constant reminder of the promises he had made to the country, and help to rebuild trust in politics.

He unveiled the stone on a campaign visit to Hastings on Saturday. The images, released overnight, immediately prompted comparisons to Moses, the recipient of the Ten Commandments in the Bible.

Milliband wants a 8ft high piece of stone with election promises in Downing Street. What planet is he from or does he think he's Moses?

Miliband thinks he's Moses now or something. This election is weird.

But Miliband said the stone would be a "reminder of our duty to keep Labour's promises".

The stone is inscribed with six pledges including vows to control immigration, improve the NHS, and boost living standards.

In a video released by ITV News, Miliband said: "These six pledges are now carved in stone. They're carved in stone because they won't be abandoned after the general election."

In a statement, the Labour leader added: "Nick Clegg and David Cameron have helped erode trust in all political leaders by the way they broke promises on issues like tuition fees and immigration after the last election.

"If I am prime minister I will keep our stone in a place where we can see it every day as a reminder of our duty to keep Labour's promises."

Labour sources told BuzzFeed News there was "no certain final venue" for the stone yet.

They confirmed a report in The Observer that it could either be placed in the Downing Street rose garden or Labour's London headquarters if the party wins power.

But it is unclear what will happen to the stone if Labour loses the election on Thursday.