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Doctors Are Taking Selfies To Prove To Jeremy Hunt They Work Weekends


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Health secretary Jeremy Hunt demanded on Thursday that hospital doctors start working seven days a week.

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In a speech in London, Hunt spoke of a "Monday to Friday" culture within the NHS and warned that he was ready to force doctors to work at weekends.

But that's caused some bemusement among doctors who are actually working in hospitals this weekend.

Hi Jeremy. Its 0320 on saturday here in A&E. Could we conference call to discuss my lack of vocation? #ImInWorkJeremy

Medics are using the #ImInWorkJeremy hashtag to show Hunt they're not taking the weekend off.

#ImInWorkJeremy - have been all night. And the night before. And all of this week. Back tonight too! #NHScoasting

415am and in a&e working.. Just how I want to spend my Saturday morning @Jeremy_Hunt #ImInWorkJeremy

Pre work selfie. #ImInWorkJeremy @Jeremy_Hunt no day off here!

The hashtag was launched by campaign group Keep Our NHS Public.

Hashtag for health workers who want to alert the world when working 24/7 is #ImInWorkJeremy Hope you're listening @Jeremy_Hunt

And doctors across England rushed to share their antisocial working hours with Hunt.

@Jeremy_Hunt 2:30 am today after treating a sick child No need to change our contract #ImInWorkJeremy #professional

Living the dream on ICU Jezza #ImInWorkJeremy @Jeremy_Hunt @IminworkJeremy

@Jeremy_Hunt one of our Drs missing good friend's wedding because #ImInWorkJeremy

Getting ready for a 12 hour shift today @Jeremy_Hunt there's a full team of us, including a consultant!! #ImInWorkJeremy

Nurses and other NHS staff got involved too.

Nurse. Saturday. Working with the #BestTeam. Must mean #ImInWorkJeremy

@Jeremy_hunt #ImInWorkJeremy #midwife #24hourcare

Hello @Jeremy_Hunt. I am off to work until 20.30. That is if the hospital is open of course...#iminworkjeremy

Hunt's Twitter mentions will probably be pretty full today.

Day 5 of 7 which is odd given that we don't work weekends.. #ImInWorkJeremy @Jeremy_Hunt #fb

Hi @Jeremy_Hunt - I finally have a free moment 9h into my shift if you'd like to chat about vocation and professionalism #ImInWorkJeremy

Started work at 0730 yesterday morning. Still here. My patients know we care for them any time of day or night so #ImInWorkJeremy

But some were rather cynical about whether Hunt would notice their campaign.

For all those using the #ImInWorkJeremy hashtag over the weekend, @Jeremy_Hunt will read them when he gets into work on Monday morning.

Emily Ashton is a senior political correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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