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Someone Made A Danny Alexander Out Of Lego And It's Completely Bizarre

He gets up to some weird and wonderful things.

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Danny Alexander has his fair share of Twitter followers – but none so enterprising as @LegoDAlexander.

The Treasury chief secretary tipped off BuzzFeed News about the strange account when we followed him round his Inverness seat.

It features photos of a ginger Lego figure in a variety of situations, often drinking milk. "Someone's got too much time on their hands," the Liberal Democrat MP told us.

We tried to get in touch with @LegoDAlexander, who runs this Tumblr, to find out more but are yet to hear back. According to the site:

Lego Danny is a MANLY MAN and a politician to boot. He drinks milk because it is the beverage of champions, and to distance himself from any association with Thatcherite economics. He also thinks it underscores his subtle but overwhelming sex appeal.

Just remember that Alexander himself is baffled by this.

Relaxing with his favourite biscuits.

Getting angry with Ed Balls.

Playing with his calculator (BOOBIES).

Making fun of Alex Salmond.

Getting some exercise.

Making light of his Muppet nickname.

Keeping an eye on taxpayers' cash.

Hearing the latest polling results. No point crying over spilt milk, Danny.

Emily Ashton is a senior political correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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