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New Zealand's Prime Minister Has Given The Easter Bunny And Tooth Fairy Key Worker Status For The Lockdown

Jacinda Ardern said the pair would be allowed to continue their essential duties, but warned they might not be able to visit every home.

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The Easter Bunny and tooth fairy have been deemed key workers during the coronavirus lockdown in New Zealand by the country's prime minister.

Jacinda Ardern granted them the official status so they are allowed to continue their important work while most people stay at home to stop the spread of the virus.

"You'll be pleased to know that we do consider both the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny to be essential workers," she announced at a press conference on Monday.

But she warned that the bunny might not be able to visit every home this Easter.

"As you can imagine at this time, they're going to potentially be quite busy at home with their family as well and their own bunnies," she said.

"So I say to the children of New Zealand: If the Easter bunny doesn't make it to your household, then we have to understand that it's a bit difficult at the moment for the bunny to perhaps get everywhere."

Ardern suggested that people help their neighbours by creating Easter egg hunts for children in the local area.

"If you're one of the homes that has had a teddy in your front window, maybe draw an Easter egg and pop it in your front window to help children in the neighbourhood with their own Easter egg hunt," she said. "Because the Easter Bunny might not get everywhere this year."

You can watch the full clip here.

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern confirms Easter Bunny is classed as an “essential worker” but it might be “difficult for the bunny to get everywhere” in current circumstances. Tooth fairy also confirmed as an essential worker.