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15 Separate Train Carriages People Would Actually Quite Like

Jeremy Corbyn would consider women-only train carriages. But how about separate carriages for fast-food eaters and headphone leakers?

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Jeremy Corbyn has said he would consider women-only train carriages to help stop sexual harassment.

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The idea has been attacked as "segregation" by his Labour leadership rivals. But here's some other separate carriages people would like.

1. Smoking carriages

If Corbyn does bring in women-only carriages - which he hasn't actually said he will, but still - can we bring back smoking carriages?

2. Talking-to-strangers carriages

Can we have a separate carriage for people who want to talk to other people that they don't know on trains? I could get behind that.

3. Tap-tap-tap carriages

Separate train carriages for people who have the keyboard sound turned on on their phones.

4. Child-free carriages

If Corbyn implements child-free train carriages, I'm all fucking in.

5. Dog-only carriages

why have women-only carriages when what we really need is dog-only carriages #NationalDogDay

Hi @Patrick4Dales I've got a guaranteed vote-winner here MT @scottreid1980 Puppy only carriages NOW.

6. Hygienic carriages

Train carriages I'd like: - People who don't lick their fingers before turning a page - People who sneeze into their elbows - One for me

7. Football fan carriages

But if Corbyn wanted to have separate carriages for men in football shirts and cans of Stella between Leeds-Newcastle I'd be down with that.

8. No-applying-make-up carriages

Never mind women only carriages, how about a 'no applying make up' carriage? #pethate

9. Fast food carriages

A carriage for people not eating Burger King on the train home please.

10. Cyclists-only carriages

I'd like a cyclists-only carriage. Would have some proper racks, a coffee machine and a man yakking on about having done the Fred Whitton.

11. Crisp carriages

If he promises a separate carriage for anyone eating crisps he's got my vote.

12. Non-judgmental carriages

I'd really appreciate a separate carriage for people who don't judge you for drinking the mini bottles of wine.

13. Boring carriages

14. Tinny music carriages

@powellds Can we have a carriage for reserved solely for the people with those leaky, white, Apple headphones?

15. Solitary carriages

Let's face it, what most passengers really want during peak travelling times is a "me only" carriage.

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