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Which Emily Are You

find out which 217 roommate you are

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  1. What is your ideal Friday night

    Wine and Cheesy Bread with your roommate and a few close friends
    Having your closest 50 friends over to your room for a small party
  2. What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream

    America's Dairyland
    Ben & Jerry's Phish Food
    Ben & Jerry's Phish Food
    Haagen-Dazs Coffee
    Haagen-Dazs Coffee
  3. What are your Jersey Opinions

    Why the fuck do I know so many people from this godforsaken state
  4. How gay are you
    The Ultimate Gay
    Very Gay
    A Little Gay
    I am a Straight™
  5. Where are you working this summer

    Flower Shop!
    Flower Shop!
    lol idk
    lol idk
  6. What kind of Wonk™ are you

    Foreign Policy
    Domestic Politics
  7. How do you feel about AUSG
  8. Who is your favorite member of Congress?

    Ami Bera
    Donald Norcross
  9. What weird thing did your dad do?

    He bought 19 pints of ice cream at once and then played jenga with them
    Refused to listen to Hamilton for a year despite the fact that he is both a history buff and theater nerd
  10. Finally, pick a Pibs

Which Emily Are You

You got: Hamm

You are a huge extrovert who loves talking to (at) people, even if they don't always appreciate it. You love Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party more than breathing, and just want to get out of school so you can go knock on doors again. Do you sleep? Probably not. But you are willing to sacrifice your sleep to hang out with the people you love.

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You got: Santella

Introverted and quiet when you first meet someone, you are always willing to listen. You love watching netflix, drinking wine, and talking about The Gays™. You are a good and pure soul, and there is literally no one who doesn't like you.

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