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The 24 Thoughts You Have When Substitute Teaching

It sucks. But like you get paid.

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1. Ugh who wakes up this early?

2. This is going to be so easy.

3. I mean it's only 8 hours..

4. Why did the teacher leave 10 pages of instructions?

5. Everyone knows a substitute = MOVIE DAY

6. Attendance... I can't pronounce these last names...

7. Looks like it's first names only!

8. Time to hand out these worksheets... and colored pencils?

9. Wait.. why are they coloring in high school?

10. Whatever, I'll just read this book..

11. Is it time for lunch yet? No, it's only 9:30..

12. Alright, let's check out this worksheet.

13. First question.. 'Where is Djibouti?'.. What is that? A yoga position?

14. Ugh why are these kids talking so much..

15. Is this really worth $65?


17. Just a few more hours...

18. Man, these kids are rude..

19. Why does EVERY kid have a phone.. I didn't have a phone.

20. SO. TIRED.

21. I was not this bad as a freshman. They are AWFUL.

22. Oh, do you have to leave class early? For your REAL job? That's nice.

23. Oh it's over.. YESSS

24. Thank God I am not going to be a teacher.

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