Why You Should Totally Watch The World Cup At Work

Stuck at work during the world cup? Who cares! You need to watch the game anyway and here’s why:

1. 1. You live in the USA don’t you?

2. 2. It helps build bonds with your co-workers

3. 3. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world

4. 4. Most likely your employees will be watching it anyway- or taking a 90 minute “lunch break”

5. 5. It is a great way to unify not only your co-workers but your company with the rest of the world!

6. 6. It is a great excuse to represent your country and wear red white & blue to work!

7. 7. You can avoid everyone getting “sick” and leaving for the day

8. 8. It is a great global conversation topic!

9. 9.It is the perfect excuse to have an afternoon brew!

10. 10. The world cup only happens every four years

11. And if all that wasn’t enough to convince you…you have permission from the coach

12. So go cheer on your country with your co-workers and let’s go USA!

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