14 Ways You Know You Work In “The Office”

Can you relate to the office life?

1. 1. It’s at least 85 degrees outside, but your office is so cold you’re dressed as an eskimo.

I’m ready for work!

2. 2. You feel free to express your secrets in the comfort of your office.

3. 3. And on your lunch break your office furniture turns in to gym equipment.

4. 4. You flirt with your co-worker by leaving them creepy sticky notes on their desk.

5. 5. You can smell your co-worker’s perfume from your cube.

6. 6. You never know what your boss really thinks of you…

7. 7. You constantly hear your co-worker arguing with their ex on the phone.

8. 8. And when your boss tells you what to do, you always look at him like this:

9. 9. Bring your kid to work day… is everyday.

…No matter how old they are

10. 10. You always know what your co-worker has for lunch.

11. 11. There’s always someone spying on you.

12. 12. And you always know who the mean girl is.

13. 13. You have been around the office for so long now, that you can’t push your work onto someone else anymore.

14. 14. But you know when you come to work… everyday is a party.

15. Even though this is how you really feel about it…

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