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10 Ways To Know If You're A Theatre Student At UW Green Bay

A fool-proof top 10 list to confirm whether or not you actually study theatre at the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay.

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10. "May I Offer A Suggestion?" - David Cook

You've been there. I've been there. We've all been there. At strike. Or in the scene shop. Or during Stage Craft. You're working on a project or casually destroying a set, and everything seems like it's going just fine, when suddenly you hear this phrase cheerfully prompted behind you... And you know you've done screwed up. So you step away from the project and gratefully listen to a suggestion that is probably about to prevent you from cutting off a limb or setting the shop on fire. We all know "May I Offer A Suggestion" is David-Code for "Stop and Let Me Help You Before You Do Something Real Stupid".

9. The sweet taste of cold pizza and warm soda at 3am

Some of us also refer to this as "The End of Strike". We all know too well the annual pass out of the pizzas and the race to get your warm Sprite or Juice box before they're gone. When it's late o'clock, and you just spent the last 6 hours taking down a 2 story mega-set (*cough* Searching For Romeo *cough*), beggars can't be choosers on cold strike pizza. Besides, it's FREE.

8. Knowing better than to sit in John Mariano's corner in JWT

You know the place I'm talking about. That upper right corner of the JWT blackbox is specially reserved for the man himself, where he will calmly sit and probably do one of the following: Click his pen all too loudly to take notes, sip his 20oz skim latte, or think of a new way to position the chairs for next rehearsal.

7. Hear a scream in TH? Don't worry!

It's only Denise! Probably jamming along to the Biebs for Jazz warmups. The screams only mean she's having a good time... The louder the scream, the better the class. (A tested and proven theory)

6. The Golden Handtruck Tradition

Okay, sentimental time, this is actually a really proud thing for us here at Green Bay. You walk into the scene shop and see tradition lining the walls with all those hand trucks. Green Bay doesn't mess around at ACTF, as we proved once again this year. You could say we're "golden". #SQUADUP

5. Kaoime Malloy invented Ireland. Seriously.

I swear, the woman knows EVERYTHING. From herbal remedies to Japanese culture to whatever else you want to know, Kaoime is pretty much a walking encyclopedia. I mean, really, who else could have invented Ireland? Stop in by the shop sometime if you ever have a question (or if you want to say hey to Gloria)

4. Santa Claus really DOES exist! (Just ask Jeff Entwistle)

Students in this department are always thrilled to learn in their first few days at UWGB that people lied about Santa not being real. It turns out, he just works as a scenic designer in Green Bay now instead. Go to one of his paint calls, and he'll even share his milk and cookies! (More likes snacks and juice boxes, but you get what I mean.)

3. "The Laura Look".

Did you sit in her chair? Was your objective too manipulative? Did you tell a pun? All are probable causes to receive what we all know as, "The Laura Look". The look that tells you to find another seat or objective, for that matter. There are several variations of the look, including: the slow half smile, the confused frown, and the silent giggle.

2. The Importance of Having Twizzlers

If you've ever gone to a light hang or focus in your time here, you know better than to go without picking up a pack of these babies first. Twizzlers for Mike are the equivalent to the chocolate bowl for costume technicians... Essential. Whipping these out at the first sign of trouble will most likely cause everyone to silently kiss you in their minds, thankful for saving their asses.

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