emiliejwhite Emilie J. White, Founder of Cultural Provocateur ‘You always have a strong opinion about everything, don’t you?’ said a close family member. Couldn’t argue with that, had to agree, strongly agree.
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  • Death, Blood Sacrifice, And Stew – Still Not Enough To Pull England Through

    In a bloom-filled cottage garden, a rabbit was sacrificed in honour of the England game, in a real-life enactment of Beatrix Potter’s little-known tale of Peter Rabbit’s Father. The rabbit was skinned, gutted, cooked up and served just before the team played their first World Cup Game in the jungle city of Manaus. Each step was photographed and documented as part of the World Cup of Food challenge to make Epic Recipes in Pictures (‘reppics’) for every country in the World Cup. In the England submission we cook up epic game for the beautiful game.

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