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    • emeryl2

      1. Like a spear run all the way through my lower abdomen and I need a poo.
      2. All the time. Women don’t necessarily need an orgasm to have great sex but people always seem goal orientated when pleasing them. We just don’t want you to feel bad.
      3. Kindness, sense of humour and affectionate.
      4. Bum, eyes and shoes. And how he interacts with people.
      5. I would put more effort in, and perhaps feel a tad worried but I know it happens.
      6. I don’t know - I’ve never had a problem either way.
      7. Kindness, sense of humour and friendship.
      8. The way we communicate.
      9. Just to be more open with feelings - honest.
      10. I like their silliness and sense of adventure.
      11. Men and women can’t really be friends without some kind of cross over.
      14. Sounds mean but as someone in my mid 20’s I can’t deal with that responsibility. They’d have to answer so many questions.
      15. Neediness, lack of independence, stinginess and BAD MANNERS.
      16. GOOD MANNERS, someone who makes me cry with laughter, someone who reads, someone who likes adventure and general kindness and grace.

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