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17 Things That Will Make You Say “Wish I Thought About That Sooner!”

From the tiniest of daily struggles to an all-out emergency situation, it's important to be prepared for any scenario. Visit for more information about making an emergency plan with your loved ones today!

1. A battery pack for all your charging needs, big or small.

2. These waterproof matches to light a fire in any situation.

3. A waterproof flashlight just in case the the tides get high.

4. A handy pop-up tent for those on the go.

5. This Bobble water bottle to stay healthy and hydrated.

6. This convenient commode set just in case things go south.

7. A wildly cool army knife.

8. An ultra-portable first-aid salve.

9. A multi-purpose lantern that does everything.

10. A solar-powered radio that’s music to your ears.

11. A solar-powered charger that doubles as a light.

12. These collapsible cups that go anywhere you do.

13. A glowing collar your pooch will adore. Don’t forget the tag!

14. These waterproof socks that will weather any storm with you.

15. A 10-in-1 tool that is fully equipped to take on any task.

16. This compact sleeping bag that will help you catch some ZZZs.

17. An all-purpose paracord kit that will keep you prepared.

Be informed. Make a plan. Build a kit. Get involved. Visit for more information.

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