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17 Things That Will Make You Say “Wish I Thought About That Sooner!”

From the tiniest of daily struggles to an all-out emergency situation, it's important to be prepared for any scenario. Visit for more information about making an emergency plan with your loved ones today!

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1. A battery pack for all your charging needs, big or small.

Thinkgeek / Via

Even if the power goes out, you won't be stranded without your must-have devices. The JUNOJUMPER's massive battery has the power to charge your phones, appliances, and even kick-start your car back to life! Get it here.

5. This Bobble water bottle to stay healthy and hydrated.

Bobble / Via

The most important thing to remember in everyday life and times of crisis is that water is your friend and to stay hydrated! Get one in each color for every member of the fam here!

6. This convenient commode set just in case things go south.

Amazon / Via

You never want to be in the situation where you say to yourself: “Man, I really wish I had a working toilet right now.” Always have a backup for your backside with the Turbo Toilet. Get the entire kit here.

7. A wildly cool army knife. / Via

Whimsy meets function with this handy Swiss Army Knife that features seven different animal-inspired tools. Get it here.

8. An ultra-portable first-aid salve. / Via

This balm may be tiny, but it’s packed with unique first-aid features. Also, it’s cute as hell! Get it here.

9. A multi-purpose lantern that does everything. / Via

This LED lantern offers three different forms of charging, can be used as both a lantern and a flashlight, and offers 12 hours of continuous use between charges. Talk about a bright idea! Get it here.

11. A solar-powered charger that doubles as a light.

14. These waterproof socks that will weather any storm with you.

Amazon / Via

Make sure you don’t get caught out in the cold. With all the warmth of wool, these multipurpose socks also protect your feet from getting wet. Get them here.

15. A 10-in-1 tool that is fully equipped to take on any task.

Kikkerland / Via

This multitasker is so efficient that it’s like having a fully equipped toolbox right in your hand. With all the things you need in one convenient device, you won’t waste any time trying to find different tools in an emergency. Get it here.

16. This compact sleeping bag that will help you catch some ZZZs.

Amazon / Via

Wherever you are, you won’t have trouble getting some rest with this versatile sleeping bag. With its high-quality construction, you’ll be cool and comfortable wherever you need to lay your head. Get it here.

17. An all-purpose paracord kit that will keep you prepared.

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These durable yet colorful paracord kits are perfect for any outdoor project. From making wristbands to forming a strap to carry your belongings, there’s no end to the uses of this key survival item. Get this set here.

Be informed. Make a plan. Build a kit. Get involved. Visit for more information.

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