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Studying Abroad Is Just Like Harry Potter

... in a roundabout way.

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On the plane, you immediately befriend a ginger. You've brought a ridiculous amount of disposable income, so you inform the flight attendant that you'll take the lot. You end up with a massive pile of plane snacks to devour.


You're interrupted by a know-it-all who seems to have studied every piece of literature on the country you're about to be living in. She has terrible hair. She expects you'll be arriving soon, so you get ready for landing.


Upon arrival, you find out which of the program-provided apartments you'll be living in. You hope you're in the one that's centrally located - you have a feeling it will make all the difference in your experience.


You go out every night with friends to explore the city (translation: clubs and bars), even though it's super confusing and you have no idea how to get around. Sometimes you get lost and end up in a shady part of town, but you don't really care. It's all part of the adventure.

One night out at a bar, you see that the annoying girl from the plane is being hit on by a creepy drunk guy who stalks her into the girl's bathroom. You help to get rid of him, thus creating a lifelong bond between you.


Some of your teachers understand this. They realize that studying abroad is more about gaining cultural experience and forming lifelong friendships. They share their advice with you and you feel wiser just by occupying the same room with them, even though they sometimes speak in riddles.


Yet, there is that one teacher who requires actual effort. He really dislikes you because you often stumble into class hungover and skip Fridays to take a long weekend trip somewhere. He always thinks you're "up to something."

As you're leaving, someone remarks that it's feels strange to be going home. You reply that you're not going home - not really, because you know the experiences you had and the friendships you made will stick with you forever.

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