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Thoughts I Had Watching The Flash's Musical Episode #theduet

So having never seen any of Supergirl and only seen one episode of the Flash, I'm going to watch it, because I love a #gleereunion and some singing.

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The Flash dude proposed to his girlfriend? I swear they look 12.

So Supergirl shows up in like a coma. And they have to save her. There are two flashes, one is named Kid Flash, that sucks, they couldn't think of anything else to call him? But don't worry, Darren Criss is here to send everyone into an alternate dimension (?) where everyone sings!


This episode is magical already. And oh wait here's Jeremy Jordan.

For some reason Darren Criss explains how they can escape, because that makes sense, he's supposed to be evil.

We get a group rendition of Put a Little Love in your Heart- for no other reason than for all the good-at-singing-people to sing. And because dance numbers with brooms are just so fun.

Now we get some superhero relationship therapy. Relationships are hard even when you have super cool powers. Supergirl is pissed because her not boyfriend has been lying about her identity...because it's not like she has a literal secret identity. Pot, kettle, black.

We address some fun gender roles while kicking in doors. And then everyone's not significant other is making out with each other. Such fun!

Back to Darren being adorable and evil. His superpower has some flaws seeing as if he can drain superhero powers by sending them into movies why doesn't he just send everyone into a Tarantino movie and kill them off? Would be easier than all this singing.

So one of the guys is Martian Manhunter- is he a martian? Does he kill martians? Why is he green? They fight Darren with a move that involves flying through the air with your fist out to punch him.

So the two kids are in love. And their dads don't like it. All three of their dads! Yay for progressive CW programs.

I'm slightly distracted by Grant's one errant eyebrow.

We get another song and it's only the third song of this episode. I demand more ridiculous musical numbers. They sing about licorice, it's weird. But oh no the song didn't work because everyone has to "get the boys" whoever the hell "the boys" are so they can go to war!

Don't worry the love interests can save the day by using their love.

OMG A SONG ABOUT SUPERFRIENDS. Which is adorable but would be the worst nightclub act ever.

The superfriends then decide to be stupidfriends and get shot. Then their love interests go and kiss them and no one dies. How anticlimactic. I will say they were all really calm when they thought they were dying.

But it's okay because Darren isn't actually evil, he supports love. So everyone is happy!

And we get one last song of Runnin' Home to You, which I only know because it was on Barry's phone. The serenade includes a lot of face stroking and then a proposal. But I thought they were already engaged.

So all in all that was not a very music-filled musical episode despite the great cameos. I won't be tuning in next week. But now you don't have to bother to watch it!

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