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Shadowhunters Returns: Top Thoughts For The Premiere

Oh thank goodness they're back

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Punch, punch, punch!

Wouldn't be a classic Shadowhunters episode if there wasn't an unnecessary training montage with the most ridiculously unhelpful weapons ever

Simon's in the sunnnnnnnnn

He's a the sun!!!

He has to wear shades because his future is so bright

Jace is not down for hugs

No hugs, ever.

How come none of the adults in this show that are supposed to run things are ever actually good at what they do?

An evil dude just killed everyone in a bar....?

By waving his hand?

Izzy is here!

Remember that time she got addicted to drugs. Well now she has to deal with that.

Izzy really wants that vampire blood

And her special necklace that I remember nothing about just went dark, oh nooooooooo

Oooh, evil dude just killed the only three nice people in New York that would ever stop someone in an alley

Damnit, nice try nice people


He's not a crab



Oh no, evil dude is like a demon of hell and real bad


It happened!! Clary finally knows that Jace isn't her brother so now there is no longer the most awkward incest plot line of all time!!!

Really Izzy? REALLY?

Because taking drugs from a mysterious man totally worked out so well for you last time. Come on girl, let's learn from our mistakes!

Luke: worst packleader ever

He doesn't even like lead anyone and half his pack just left for Philly, he's so bad they left New York to go to Philly- that's bad

Simon is a.......DAYLIGHTER

that's just the fancy term for him going in the sun and not burning to a crisp

Summoning Azazel the super bad guy is a really great idea, this will totally end really well


New favorite moment of all time

Why is Jace sideways cartwheeling through the air? Isn't there an easier way to do this?

Why is Jace sideways cartwheeling through the air? Isn't there an easier way to do this?

Well #Sebastiannothecrab isn't sketchy at all while he burns his hand to a crisp


#notokay #getawayfromthebestwarlockever

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