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    13 Ridiculously Distracting Parts Of 13 Reasons Why

    I can't even focus on the drama

    1. Hannah's parents opening a drug store and expecting it to succeed

    2. Tony is so old

    3. The 'list' includes best butter face

    If you don’t know what a butter face is, urban dictionary defines it as: n. A girl who is hot, except for her (but her, butter) face.

    So imagine this one girl is freaking out because people like her ass and you’re on the list for having an ugly face.

    4. Hannah's hair

    5. Clay's parents

    6. Everyone's tattoos

    7. Asshole Monty

    8. Clay's Band-Aid

    9. Zach

    10. The school

    11. The tape players

    12. Hot hipster librarian

    13. #Spoiler: Happy car ending