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    13 Ridiculously Distracting Parts Of 13 Reasons Why

    I can't even focus on the drama

    1. Hannah's parents opening a drug store and expecting it to succeed


    What are Hannah’s parents even thinking? Small town family owned businesses certainly have been booming recently...not! That’s like finding a place without a Starbucks and opening a coffee shop and thinking that Starbucks won’t somehow find out and immediately build a new location and start selling unicorn frappucinos - they can smell blood they’re coming for you. They also sell tapes, what freaking year is this people?

    2. Tony is so old


    I’m sorry, but I know all of you first thought he was some creepy adult hanging around a high school. A college kid is stretching it. He has so much facial hair. He’s 25 people, let’s at least find an old person that looks sort of like they recently went through puberty, not an entire decade ago.

    3. The 'list' includes best butter face

    If you don’t know what a butter face is, urban dictionary defines it as: n. A girl who is hot, except for her (but her, butter) face.

    So imagine this one girl is freaking out because people like her ass and you’re on the list for having an ugly face.

    4. Hannah's hair


    Hannah, come on girl. I know life is hard. But could we do something with your hair? It’s just so large and puffy and even when you cut if off it’s so bad. And when you go to the dance you don’t even do anything to it! As a girl with large, frizzy unmanageable I would have loved to seen you do something to it. Let’s put in some effort.

    5. Clay's parents


    So your son is obviously not doing well. You freak out, you ground him. He disappears. And then like whatever. Clay’s parents are super worried but somehow manage to lose track of Clay every five minutes. Also how come we aren’t more concerned when he comes back with his face caved in?

    6. Everyone's tattoos


    Justin has like 15 tattoos, including his giant chest tattoo. This kid doesn’t have any money and he’s like16! What is he doing? Tony has those star things behind his ears. Like is there a tattoo parlor that gives out free tattoos like the mini mart that doesn’t card anyone for beer? #purplealligator

    7. Asshole Monty


    Is Monty in the show for any other reason besides literally being an asshole to everyone? Like he’s just an asshole.

    8. Clay's Band-Aid

    netflix / Via

    So when Clay doesn’t have a giant gash in his head it’s the past. But like half the time we get giant gash and half the time we get band-aid. Can we decide? Is it healing well? Maybe if Clay’s parents got their act together they would put some vitamin E on that thing and make sure it doesn’t get infected.

    9. Zach

    imdb / Via

    #sorrynotsorry #he’ssohot He’s 27 which still isn't high school aged for casting purposes but I’m not mad because I’m distracted by hot he is.

    10. The school


    I’m sorry, have you been to a high school dance in a gym recently? It does NOT look like this. Hanging stuff from the ceiling is definitely a fire hazard. Also everyone cuts class every five seconds and no one seems to care. Do any of the teachers even take attendance?!

    11. The tape players


    There is no way any of these children even knew what a cassette tape was, let alone had a player. If someone gave me a set of tapes to play I’d have to go on Amazon to buy a player and I don’t have prime so it would take 7-10 business days before it even showed up and by then everyone else would be freaking out because I wasn’t listening to the tapes. Who the frick has a tape player just laying around?

    12. Hot hipster librarian


    You need a Master’s degree to be a librarian, unlike everyone else, hot hipster librarian looks too young for his role. Did he do some fast track librarian program so he could run the weirdest poetry group ever? Why is he at a college fair? Libraries aren’t colleges? How good are his poems?

    13. #Spoiler: Happy car ending


    This is the ending? I’ve just spent 13 episodes being emotionally torn apart and now we’re just driving off into the literal sunset (okay it's a cloudy morning but you get the point) listening to the radio. What is this? What about all my unanswered questions about Alex and the point of the hot librarian?!? Will we ever know the truth??

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