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    You Know You're From The South When...

    Song, Song of the South, Sweet Potato Pie and I shut my mouth.

    1. You love beach music and shag dancing

    2. You're proud to fly the rebel flag

    3. You love Lynyrd Skynyrd and know all of the words to more songs than just "Sweet Home Alabama"

    4. You say "bless your heart" because you are too polite to say something worse

    5. You love guns and probably own quite a few...

    6. You love hunting (duck, deer, pheasant, etc.) and the Robertsons

    7. You are a fiercely loyal football and/or basketball fan

    8. How you feel before a good ol' Southern meal

    9. When people bring up the Civil War and argue that all Southerners are racist

    10. You love dessert!!!!!!!

    11. You're perfectly happy just sittin around and doin nothin all day long

    12. You say y'all and you're proud of it!

    13. You probably know someone who lives on or owns a farm

    14. Maybe your family even owned a plantation home at some point

    Not ashamed of it either

    15. You know nothing's better than a house with a wraparound porch and plenty of rocking chairs

    16. You don't have time to deal with hippy dippy things

    17. You know that family, friends, and religion come first

    18. Oh and also grits and biscuits

    19. Someone you know has a truck. Maybe it's you.

    And you've probably had several rides in the bed

    20. You love your country!

    Courtesy of the red, white, and blue!

    21. You don't take shit from nobody when it comes to your hometown

    Next time you wanna insult the South, you better think twice

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