Reasons Why Sam Winchester Is The Bomb Diggity

So get this: Sam Winchester is the best. You don’t even have to be a fan of Supernatural to come to this conclusion.

1. He’s a Sassmaster.

He doesn’t have time for your shit.

2. He can be awkward and adorable at the same time.


3. He makes a damn sexy priest.

4. He’s very empathetic.

5. He loves Tuesdays.

Sort of.

6. In another life he’s a rapper.

7. He’s protective.

All of his babies are too precious for this world.

9. He puts up with a lot of shit.

10. He’s not embarrassed to have fruity drinks.

11. He’s not interested in your cultural references.

12. Uhhhh…what was I saying?

13. Did I mention his faces?

16. He knows how to handle a fire.

18. He appreciates a good cuppa.

21. He is positive influence (at times)

22. He’s a hair model in another life.

23. He’s a great dancer.

26. Even though he dropped out of law school…he’s still a damn good lawyer.


29. Again with the shrugs.

30. He’s quite the master of seduction.

31. He appreciates a good jam session.

32. He’s healthy.

33. He’s fun to make faces at from across the room.

34. Sammy loves you long time.

35. Basically…

36. I can’t handle this beauty.

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