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58 Horror Fan Problems

"We all go a little mad sometimes... Haven't you?"

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1. Before we begin, here's a song to set the mood

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2. You've never been the squeamish type

3. Scary stories have always been your favorite part of camping

4. And you mastered the best stories from a young age

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5. You're conflicted when it comes to Ouija you dare?

6. You know a strange amount about serial killers from all of the research you've done

7. You can't help but love the little quirks (sarcasm, wit, sometimes even humor) of the killers

8. Your love for black cats most likely started with Salem

9. You have a great interest in abandoned/haunted buildings, asylums, and more, and the history behind them

10. You often sacrifice sleep to read scary stories late into the night

11. You find killer/detective (bad/good) relationships fascinating

12. You know that this is the best excuse for pretty much anything

13. You're wary of 3 AM, The Devil's Hour

14. You resonate with the characters who say nope bye when things get weird

15. New phone who dis

16. You're curious about ghost hunting but have doubts about the legitimacy of EMFs and other equipment

17. Characters who die from sheer stupidity drive you crazy

18. You tend to laugh at inappropriate times during scary movies

19. You're not a fan of identical twins

20. Attempting to convert your friends into horror fanatics like

21. You love when movies are "based on true events"

22. Scary pranks and sneaking around are your areas of expertise

23. October is a glorious month for you since your interests are more accepted around Halloween

24. You might own some fake blood you like messing around with

25. Though often predictable, jump scares still get you sometimes

26. You do not fuck with antiques

27. You don't trust dolls and their little beady eyes

28. You've thought about a plan for when/if someone follows your car for too long

29. You're very observant and have memorized the normal noises your house makes. Hearing something unusual puts you in high alert mode

30. Sometimes you dramatically stare at yourself in the mirror and wonder why you're so creepy

31. You often can't take movies seriously because of ridiculous overacting

32. Creepypasta provides you with endless hours of entertainment

33. You prefer morning showers and glass sliding shower doors

34. You feel an intense urge to track down every writer that has decided that killing off a dog is okay

35. You find historical ghost pictures so fascinating

36. When you wake up and smell bacon

37. You're somewhat concerned with how attracted to Patrick Bateman you are

38. Norman Bates has some mommy issues, but is a total babe too

39. You can't help but look at this and be reminded of that time you took too many tequila shots and threw up all night

40. When you think about it, the ghosts/demons who choose old school film footage as their path into your life are artsy motherfuckers

41. You hate when people sneak up behind you

42. You appreciate when serial killers are efficient with their clean up routine (looking at you Dexter)

43. You're kinda mad that your makeup removal routine will never look this intense

44. Basically how it feels when a fuckboy gives you unwanted attention

45. Though you may not get scared easily, all horror veterans have at least once scene that gets to them

46. Huey Lewis and the News has never been the same since this scene

47. When your mom comes to check on you and you have to pretend that you're asleep

48. When you get an unexpected nosebleed and people think you're a Satanist or something

49. Your really want to know what's so great about Dorsia

50. This kind of looks like that one Taylor Swift video...

51. You know that taunting the killer will make your demise much worse

52. Insane plot twists get you so hype

53. You don't really get the obsession demons/ghosts have with possessing little kids

54. You're not really into canoeing

55. Titanic sex scene?

56. When you open the oven and your pizza is burned

57. People who don't appreciate your great taste in genres can deal with it

58. Horror is here to stay

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