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41 Ways Sherlock Holmes Describes College Life

I love college

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1. 8 AMs

2. Proofreading your paper after an all nighter

3. When someone offers to share their weed

4. Urging people to forget about the stupid remarks you said while drunk

5. Trying to fall asleep but remembering all of the shit you have to do

6. Asking your friend how it went with that guy

7. Making your way to class like

8. Asking your friend to go to the grocery store with you because it's boring going alone

9. Struggling to stay focused in a super boring class

10. When you're almost out of food and/or alcohol

11. Someone walking in on you canoodling...

12. When you secretly find the teacher's "lame" jokes super hilarious

13. Realizing that all of your friends have solid hookup buddies and you're on your own

14. Watching out for RAs on the prowl trying to get you in trouble

15. Seeing a sorority sister you don't know well but feel obligated to acknowledge

16. Your friend introduces you to someone and then goes off to do something

17. Dealing with dumbasses in class

18. Not wanting to share your alcohol

19. Thinking you've sobered up enough to hit up that drive thru

20. Eating any free food offered around campus

21. When that girl you hate is talking to your crush

22. Telling your friend about the guy you got with last night

23. When your roommate tries to lecture you

24. When a sloppy drunk guy tries to talk to you at a party

25. When your friends are all busy and you end up eating alone

26. Trying to avoid that weird guy

27. When your teacher lets class out early

28. When you're feeling that hangover

29. After a rough night out

30. When someone offers you food and/or answers to homework

31. When a guy asks you to give him a blowjob

32. Awkward hangouts with potential new friends

33. When a boy is great at swing/shag dancing

34. When someone's blasting catchy music down the hallway

35. How it feels to prepare for/take exams

36. Attempting to be civil with a former friend

37. When your friend is drunkenly telling you a story

38. When you get asked for the millionth time what your major is

39. When that cutie invites you to a party

40. Gossiping about your roommate and then she walks in

41. Being around your sober friends when you're feeling pretty damn good

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